Are you a landlord or property manager in Mecklenburg County?

To all Property Managers, Landlords, and Rental Property Owners:


Have you had the same experience that we have had?  Are you filing for non-payment of rent with the Mecklenburg County Clerk of Court, appearing in Court, only to have the tenant complain about repairs, and/or to have called the City of Charlotte Code Enforcement the day before Court, and have the Magistrate continue your case for a month?


We have had numerous cases like this in 2015.  The Statutes are specific about non-payment of rent, and the course of action the Magistrates must abide by to handle these cases.  False repair requests, or false statements to the City Code Enforcement Department do NOT come into play when the tenant does NOT PAY THE RENT!


Landlords and owners are losing rents.  Property Managers are being run around and are jumping through hoops that are unnecessary.  Tenants are being allowed additional time to stay in properties RENT FREE, based on unfounded complaints with no proof.  Magistrates declare their “opinion” of the Statutes that are set in place, instead of ruling as directed as set forth by the State Government.


When we file for non-payment of rent, we have to have accurate paperwork ready to prove our case.  Tenants show up with nothing in hand, and complain that they’ve asked over and over for something to be repaired with no records, no proof, and the cases are be delayed and continued.  THIS IS NOT RIGHT!


If you have had similar experiences where your cases were continued in such a way by a Mecklenburg County Magistrate, based on little or NO valid proof, and based on unfounded statements from the tenants about common sense issues, we would like to know!  This is something that needs to be changed.  Together we can make a more powerful voice.  You may reach me at 704-537-3900.


Thank you,

Rick Stikeleather

Stikeleather Realty

Stikeleather Realty 

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