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Hello Stikeleather Customer,


We appreciate the trust you place in us with managing your rental homes and we value you as a client, so we want to know how your relationship with us is going.


The greatest compliment you could offer us is a review on  Google. Each review is both read and appreciated by our whole team. If you are willing to do so, it is quite easy. If you have a google account, sign in and search Stikeleather Realty and Investments Charlotte Office. Once you find our page in the search click on write a review. If you do not have a google account it is quick and easy to start one just to leave us a review. Please give us a high star rating and a short report on what you like about us and how we help you with our services.


If you have constructive feedback that you’d like to share, we also offer you the opportunity to share your comments privately. Please do not write a review on Google and instead reach out to us directly. Richard Stikeleather the owner of the company would like for you to email him directly at ( so that we can address your concerns on a personal and direct level. Your experience with us is top priority.  Either way, we appreciate your time and for sharing your thoughts.


We look forward to our continued relationship and any relationships with your extended family members or referrals in the future!


Warmest Regards,


Stikeleather Realty

Richard W Stikeleather  (Owner)

Stikeleather Realty 

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