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As a landlord, you can save yourself time, money and headaches by using Stikeleather Realty to manage your property.  Just one month of lost rent, attorney’s fees, or tenant damages will more than exceed our fees.

Our trained staff ask tenants to problem-solve minor repairs such as checking circuit breakers, cut-off valves, etc before sending repairmen out to the property.

Looking for Home Owner Association Management Services in Charlotte? Time is precious.  If you are dissatisfied with your current HOA management, or if you are self-managed, do not waste any more time when there is a cost-effective alternative available 24/7/365.  We also specialize in collections of past due rents and HOA fees.


Rental Services

Our rental services include:

* Advertising in the Local MLS System
* Showing the property (we do not loan out keys)
* Running a credit report on the applicant(s)
* Obtaining a current police report
* Verifying rental history
* Verifying employment
* Advertising your rental with signs, our free rental list and the internet

After your tenant is approved, we have them complete a Move-In Check List and sign our standard lease agreement. Our lease agreement is very thorough and holds the tenant responsible for damages they cause.  The lease agreement waives the 10 day eviction notice.  As part of the agreement, the drug free housing, pet, and mold/mildew addendum’s also save you time and money.


Residential Property Management | Charlotte, North Carolina Homes for Rent

Our monthly property management services include:
* Collecting the rent.
* Making arrangements for repairs. (We have repairs completed as cost-effectively as possible without additional fees added on.)
* Conducting interior/exterior  inspections of your property.
* Representing you in the eviction process if necessary. We will go to small claims court for you, so you do not have to!  We know the Tenant/Landlord Laws! (some exceptions apply)
* Preparing a monthly statement that details the financial incomes and expenses.

We are a member of the Charlotte Better Business Bureau. When we work for you, you are assured quality service.


From a recent BLOG posted by Richard Stikeleather:

N.C. State Court Revers Small Claim Court Decision In

Mecklenburg County Has Statewide Effect


The N.C. State Court reversed a small claim court decision against Stikeleather Realty & Investments Co. The ruling in small claim court, abated the rent, awarded tenant damages, and attorney fees for not having a carbon monoxide and smoke detector in a rental unit.


The N.C. State Court ruled the fact that a detector is not in the property by itself does not make the property unfit. In the past, small claims magistrates have abated rent, awarded tenant damages, and their attorney fees because of tenant claims even if the landlord had written evidence proving otherwise.


Legal Aid has asked the State Court to review this decision as they are very sad of this common sense ruling. This decision is fair and according to State Law. This decision will correct injustice done in the past. This decision will give clear guidance to rulings in the future.


Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are required by N.C. Law in all rental units. It is the landlord’s responsibility to make sure a detector is in their unit at the signing of a new lease. It is the landlord responsibility to replace a detector if it goes bad. This is covered by N.C. Statue and should not be a magistrate decision.


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